C.E.O, Creator, Philanthropist, WOMAN


“You only keep what you have by giving it away”.
I have tried hard to implement that philosophy in every aspect of my life.
When I first heard those words, I was supporting a friend that was going through a tough time.
I remember thinking to myself, “what does that really mean?” 

How can you “KEEP WHAT YOU HAVE BY GIVING IT AWAY???” It sounded like a very weird riddle. Well, that was almost 20 years ago, and since that time I have not only come to understand what it meant, but it has become part of the everyday life. Almost everything I do I “SHARE”. My concepts, ideas, thoughts dreams, I share them with the world through my productions, books, brands etc, etc, etc!!!

I am constantly thinking, honestly that’s all I do. I come up with all types of ideas and designs, they are the “GRAND MAGNIFICATIONS OF MY IMAGINATION!”
In 2012 I created Mosaic Association. I chose the name “Mosaic” because of its intricate meaning, “a bunch of little pieces, which by theirselves may seem insignificant or plain, but when brought together create something beautiful”.

Mosaic Association is not just a company it is an EMPIRE, comprising of many companies, Mosaic Filmz, Mosaic Entertainment, Mosaic Radio, Mosaic Pages, Mosaic Transport and my personal brand “Armani Iman” .

While there is so much I could write or say, I believe, the most important message I want to convey is, “to just keep moving”. There will always be hurdles, obstacles, hurt, pain, failure, but it is important not to wallow, not to get bogged down in what happened and look to what’s next.
You have to keep it going. Only dead objects stay still!
Life is fluid and vibrant. It is ever changing, so we move with it!

The Mosaic Realm”

I feel like I can do anything if I believe in myself

Dr. Tiara N Moore

Mosaic Filmz– A full service production company which produces movies, television serial, videos, commercials, documentaries and so much.
Armani Iman wrote and produced Mosaic Filmz first feature film “By Any Means” which was directed by world renown actress, director and producer Kim Fields.

Armani Iman has also written, produced, directed and starred in “ A Talk With Armani” for 4 seasons. “Riding with Armani” 2 season and “Mosaic Spotlight”. All shows broadcast on National Television Stations!”

Creativity comes in many forms.

There are hundreds of ways to get the ideas that form as dreams out into reality. My “blessing or curse” depending on how you look at it is, I can’t just think it out, I have to actually make it happen. Which sometimes lead to hard lessons or evolved into something amazing!

Mosaic Venue– By creating the perfect Venue for any event, Armani ensured that whether a client is looking for a party rental or a video shoot, she would be able to accommodate. Visiting www.mosaicvenue.com will provide you with a more in-depth look at the services provided at Mosaic Venue.

Mosaic Entertainment House– Full service talent representation and booking. Mosaic Entertainment has booked some of the biggest names in music history while representing some of the most promising up and coming stars. Visit www.mosaicenthouse.com for a full description of how we can book the perfect talent for your event or push your career to the next level.

Mosaic Pages/Scat & Mouse Publishing– This publishing house, founded by Armani Iman and Sheena King in 2017, has successfully published 8 books with ten more looking to hit the shelves in 2021.

In 2020, we were hit with a world wide pandemic which basically shut the world down. All businesses were shut down and nothing was going on.


During this time of “disaster and crisis”, my imaginative juices got to working over time.

I found myself coming up with all sorts of “IDEAS”. Each one more intriguing than the next. It got to the point where I wanted to shut my brain down. But I couldn’t!! AND IM GLAD I DIDN’T, because out of the smoke of that madness came new lines. 

New Jewels to be added to the Mosaic Crown!

Lipz by Armani – a luxury lipgloss line that is both fancy and environmentally responsible. It boast Vegan as well as Halal ingredients and has the very honorable distinction of being a cruelty free product! AVAILABLE IN MORE THAN 15 BOLD BEAUTIFUL AND GLIMMERING COLORS. Each color was handpicked by Armani Iman.

Lust by Armani – Sexy, confident and classy, thats how Armani views herself as all women should. Regardless of size, color, shape or build, we love to feel beautiful in our own skin. Having a little something spicy and sexy to put on, is the icing on the cake. A luxury lingerie line available in sizes ranging from XS-5x. With something sexy and beautiful for everyone. www.Lustbyarmani.com 

Eyez by Armani – Reading glasses, we need them but hate how ugly and cheap they look. Even when you try to find a “good” metal pair, it still looks like the $19.99 you paid for them. With that in mind Armani Iman has created a beautiful line of reading glasses. Made with beautiful buffalo horn frames and titanium hardware. Available in clear or colored lens, ranging from +1.25-3.00 magnification strength. Now “reading glasses” have a whole new look!

Waisted By Armani– Comfortable, yet durable work out and weight loss apparel and equipment for both men and women. Visit www.WAISTEDBYARMANI.com, for more information.

Mosaic Transport– During the pandemic one thing became very apparent. There weren’t enough companies to get us what we needed when we needed it. We pride ourselves on making sure, “if you need it there we get it there”. Visit www.mosaictransportllc.com for a complete list of all our services.